Giving Thanks and Thank You

I learned to love me. I had the opportunity to face solitude. I had the absolute pleasure of depending solely on God as my provider and learning the value of community.

Faith’s Thoughts:

Thankful-(adjective)-pleased and relieved

Synonyms: grateful, appreciative, filled with gratitude, relieved

I’m thankful for so many things.  I got divorced in March of 2000. I got remarried in March of 2017. I’m thankful for 17 years of singleness. Why? Because I had the opportunity to learn about me. I learned to love me. I had the opportunity to face solitude. I had the absolute pleasure of depending solely on God as my provider and learning the value of community.

I’m thankful that the 3 most wonderful children in the world call me mom! Davion is scheduled to graduate from The University of North Florida in 2 weeks!!! He works 2 jobs and volunteers. Nicholas is in his second year of college. He’s been blessed to continue to play the game he loves and pay for college in the process. Faith De’Yanah (Princess) is in the 11th grade. She gets excellent grades, participates in extra-circular activities and works part-time. I’m so thankful to be their mom!

I’m thankful for my husband Terry. I get to wake up next to my best friend. Morning breath doesn’t scare him off. Head scarfs don’t either. He doesn’t even flinch when I cry over something simple, or spaz over something trivial. He says, “you’re beautiful” when I’m bloated and “I’m proud of you” when I lose weight. When I have a problem, he goes into fix it mode and when I’m stressed he reminds me that we’re partners in this. Marriage is cool. Being a newlywed is fun.

I’m thankful for my relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m thankful for the gift of prayer. The opportunity to cast my cares onto God and leave them there. I’m thankful for God’s guidance in my life. I am SO thankful that every step I made in faith landed on the sure foundation of the hand of God. Even when I felt like I was sinking, I never went under. I’m thankful for every season of my life, even the hard seasons, because they make me really appreciate this season.

– Faith


Terry’s Thoughts:

This time last year, Faith and I were embarked on a journey to let those whom we loved and cared for know that we had found someone that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with.  I am thankful that during this period, Faith and I never gave up hope that we would be together.  Now, over a year later, we are husband and wife.  She is my queen and I am her king.  I am thankful for my relationship with God. I trusted Him to send me someone who understands what I needed in a helpmate and He has given me the tools to be the husband and support that she needed.  I am thankful for the all members of my family, either through blood or marriage.  For a kid from NY who was transplanted in SC, I am thankful for the opportunities that have been given to me to be a positive influence on the lives of others.  I am thankful to have people in my life who have shared with me their wisdom and understanding from their life experiences to help me understand the adjustments that I need to make in my life to be a better husband, father, son and most importantly man of God.

To all that have been sharing our life experiences with us the past few weeks, I am thankful to you to allow us into your life and share who we are and what we have endured.  This is just the beginning of our journey, but our path to reach this point hopefully can help others realize that their can be true love…the second time around.


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