The Second Time Around…

Second time around for love?  Sounds like a song, doesn’t it?  Well, for us, life is better than a song, it is a lifestyle.

Terry’s Thoughts (T2)

Second time around for love? Sounds like a song, doesn’t it? Well, for us, life is better than a song, it is a lifestyle. Although each of our life’s journey to becoming husband and wife have been different, we have come together to experience something different from what we previously had. Does that mean that we should forget about our past? No. Does that mean that we should dwell in the past and wallow in self-misery and/or anger? Definitely not! What is does mean is that we can take the lessons from our past (both positive and negative) and create a relationship that can not only be wonderful and dynamic, but more than we ever expected or could have dreamed.

The desire behind starting our blog was to share our thoughts, feelings and observations about different topics as they relate to marriage and a blended family from both the husband and wife’s points of view. Many of our thoughts are influenced by our faith and life experiences and just our thoughts for comparison sakes. Many times, our thoughts are similar in nature, while others, we come from two different parts of the world just to end up in the same spot on the map.

It is my fervent desire is that our writings will help couples, from the newlywed that have been married for a few days or weeks up to the couple that have been married decades, recognize and realize that there is a benefit to understanding both similarities and differences in each other. As we continue to go further and further down this path together, I hope that we present to others a better understanding of what it takes to help make the second time around even better than the first time.


Faith’s Thoughts…

For me, second time around is about experiencing the newness of this wonderful union while learning from the past.

Terry and I had two very different “first times”. He was married for years to a wonderful woman. She loved him so well that I can still feel the love in every detail of the house he and I now share. They were an inspiration to their friends and family; so, it dealt a devastating blow to many when she left this earth 1 month and 2 days after their 22nd wedding anniversary. My first time was about 3 years with two of those years being separated. He learned through experience and perseverance. I learned what not to do (again).

So, he’s a seasoned pro at this wonderful institution called marriage. I, on the other hand, still forget to sign cards as a couple or say “we” instead of “I”. I HAVE mastered the art of letting him know if I’ll be home later than expected, so there’s hope for me.

Terry’s hopes to change the world by…well, read what he wrote in his entry. I simply love to write. I want to “keep it real” and share some experiences with people. I know a lot of single women; great single women. Some are believing for a second time around; I hope they find hope in this love story that God wrote so well.


2 thoughts on “The Second Time Around…”

  1. This blog was very encouraging. I laugh because it never fails, God’s ways are always
    Higher than our ways. Look at God! If only we could hang on to that concept every time we get a “hiccup” in life.. God has a plan that is far better than our plan. Thank you for sharing.


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